Our Services

...what makes us different

Here at Restoration Inc, our whole purpose is to offer you solutions that best fit your situation.  That will look different to different people.  For some it will mean a quick cash purchase of their property, to others it will simply mean a consultation to discuss options and resources, and to yet others it will mean helping prepare their home to sell for top dollar and listing it on the MLS.  The most important thing, and what drives us here at Restoration Inc, is to empower you with knowledge and information to make the best decision for your unique situation.  We do that through offering free and confidential consultations with a real estate expert who can discuss the many options that you have when facing  foreclosure, financial hardship, or are tasked with handling the estate of a loved one who has passed away.  While this is definitely not and should never be considered legal advice, it is beyond what you get with simply a meeting with a real estate agent or someone offering a"fast cash sale." There is no sales pitch, no pressure... this is all about giving YOU information to make the best decision for YOU.  If you want to utilize our other resources to get your home sold, we are happy to help but there is absolutely no obligation.  Our desire is to partner with you throughout the entire process, and we believe that if we care about people and offer excellent service, the rest takes care of itself!  There is never any charge for your consultation.

We know these times are scary, and it takes a good measure of courage just to step up and do something about the situation.  Don't be a victim of these circumstances, take charge!  Don't wait, call us today!

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